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The latest episode of the 永利皇宫安卓下载app Now podcast is an opportunity to learn about a group of outstanding alumni from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Host Wendell Ray chats with Jeffery Gerritt, Jeni Asaba, Teresa Conolly, John Krajnak and Brody Karmenzind—five of the 11 UW Oshkosh grads who’ll be honored with alumni awards during Homecoming later this month.

Ray interviewed each individually, and this episode features an excerpt from each. Stay tuned to hear more from this impressive group of Titans.


The guest list:

  • Jeffery Gerritt, of Detroit, Michigan, a 1978 philosophy and music major, serves as the editorial page editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He has more than 60 national and state journalism awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. Learn more about Gerritt→
  • Jeni Asaba, of Robbinsdale, Minnesota, a 2005 journalism major who serves as senior manager of community engagement and advocacy for Jamf. Learn more about Asaba→
  • Teresa Connolly, of Scottsdale, Arizona, a 1987 nursing major, is the associate vice president of international delivery services at Mayo Clinic. Learn more about Connolly→
  • John Krajnak, of Franklin, a 1993 business administration major, is the park president of Six Flags Great America. Learn more about Krajnak→
  • Brody Karmenzind, of Chicago, Illinois, a 2014 journalism major, serves as a client partner for Meta (formerly Facebook). Learn more about Karmenzind→

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